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Art Class

We now have some vacancies in the Art Class that meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2.30pm. For further information contact Liz on 01258 857528.

The Art Class has been meeting in the Old School since 1998. During the year we work on a variety of drawing and watercolour tasks. We are ably led by our teacher Drew Snell.

In the summer term, weather permitting, we sometimes draw and paint outdoors, taking advantage of the surrounding countryside. we have been to many places including Honeybrook Farm, The White Mill, Kingston Lacy, Badbury Rings, various gardens and the banks of the River Stour.

It is a very friendly group of about 20, both male and female of varying experience and expertise and we usually find time during the afternoon for a chat and a cup of tea and a biscuit

white mill photo.jpg

For further information contact Liz on 01258 857528

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