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Cream Teas -new opportunities for your charity or organisation.

The Old School has a long standing tradition of serving Cream Teas at the weekend during the summer months, hosted by charities, to raise funds and operating under a franchise model run by the Mackrell Charity.

We are now no longer running the franchise but our excellent facilities (including crockery, tablecloths, cake covers, cream and jam pots, teapots, jugs, menu holders etc - not forgetting the industrial dishwasher!) is on offer at very reasonable weekend or day rates and many of the charities have independently booked the hall for the purpose of running similar events over the coming summer. Watch out for the advertising.

If anyone is interested in hiring our hall for this or any other type of event, please contact our booking clerk

Val Brown on 07788 423281.

If you are interested in running something like this at our premises, a handbook for running a Teashop style event at the Old School,

giving advice on all aspects of planning

can be obtained by email 


If your charitable organisation is interested in hosting a Cream Tea weekend contact

Sue Mathews 01258 858607.


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