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Previous Mackrell Lectures

2022/23 Season


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2021/22 Season
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2016-2017 ‘Fight the Good Fight’

22nd October 2016 ‘A Family Legacy Restored: St Giles House’ Nicholas Ashley- Cooper, 12th Earl of Shaftesbury

26th November 2016 ‘The Tolpuddle Martyrs' Fight for Justice- Graham Moore

21st January 2017 ‘Corfe Castle and the Conflicts of the English Civil War’ Stephen Burden

25th March ‘The Battle to save the Mary Rose’ Professor Mark Jones

2017-2018 ‘Dorset Notables and their Journeys’

14th October 2017 ‘T.E. Lawrence: A Tortuous Journey Roger Holehouse OBE 25th November 2017 ‘Mary Anning: the Greatest Fossil Hunter’ Natalie Manifold

20th January 2018 ‘Walter Raleigh’ Sue Morse
24th March 2018 ‘Anthony Blunt and the Cambridge Spies’ Paul Booy

2018-2019 ‘Powers, Dominions and Dynasties’

13th October 2018 ‘Take Me to Your Leader: A Correspondent’s Experience’ Kate Adie CBE D.L.

10th November 2018 ‘The History of Russia’ Dr George Gilbert
26th January 2019 ‘Kipling’s India’ Andrew Lycett
16th March 2019 ‘Iran- Land of Great Kings, Shahs and Ayatollahs’ John Osborne

2019-2020 ‘A Royal Flush’

19th October 2019 ‘Anglo-Saxon Queens and Other Important Women’ Professor Barbara Yorke

23rd November 2019 ‘The Two Matildas’ Dr Katherine Weikert

25th January 2020 ‘Henry V’ Professor Anne Curry

14th March ‘Queen Anne and Her Favourites’ Ophelia Field – postponed due to Covid-19

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2020-2021 Zoom events in the pandemic!
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