Discovery Cafe


The Discovery Cafe meets regularly, typically on the third Monday of each month at 2.30pm. Admission is £5 which includes tea/coffee+cake.


The first series got off to a flying start with the inaugural meeting on ‘The Science of Brewing’. Subsequent meetings have included topics as diverse as ‘Astronomy’, ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Listening to Music’.

The Discovery Cafe is perfect for those who enjoy science, philosophy, politics, ethics . . . knowledge in general. We have expert and inspiring speakers who give us lots to think about, and we have the opportunity to explore issues further and to ask questions.


If you enjoy hearing about and discussing the latest research in technology, medicine, economics, arts, philosophy, the environment, then this is the place for you. 

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Programme for the Autumn

16th September - Aerial Surveillance'

by Philip Nelson

21st October - Experiences of a Stunt Performer

by Denise Ryan

18th November - Lady Spitfire- The Lady Houston Story

by John Jenkins

16th December  Life as a Store Detective

by Paul Cady

20th January  Haig and the Acid Bath Murders

by Paul Stickler 

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