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Mackrell Lectures

These lectures take place on Saturday afternoons at 2.30pm. Each season comprises four lectures on historical or cultural topics running between October and March based on a theme for the series. Click here to see the range of subjects which have been covered. 

Contact Jane Holden or Fiona Waters.

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A series of 4 lectures, with the theme :-
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.
October 14th-
An Introduction to Dante's 'Divine Comedy'

by Professor Steve Ellis
November 18th-
Charles Dickens and the Victorian Family Christmas.
by Gavin Carr

February 10th -
The life and work of Samuel Pepys
by Andrew Davies
March 9th-
The Changing Face of Journalism.
by Paul Adams-
retired International Journalist

All lectures start at 2.30pm.
journalism flat.jpg

Paul has had a remarkable journalistic career, firstly within the Australian Broadcasting Commission, then Reuters and Associated Press Television. Paul was there when the Berlin wall came down and walked across Tienanmen Square a week after the massacre there. He was in Uganda in the days of Idi Amin and went off to cover the first Gulf war with his chemical warfare suit. He had to have 2 passports to work across the middle east. He was Reuters Bureau Chief in Hong Kong and then in Tokyo. As a news editor, Paul had to decide what were the most important stories of the day and filtered out all the photos that were too harrowing to broadcast. He has met and interviewed so many of the people we are familiar with, from David Bowie to James Naughtie.

In this talk he will share many of his experiences and highlight the astonishing changes in the way that journalists work and the role that technical advances have had in this.

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