Village and Family History

Village Home Guard

Village History


In 2009 the Village celebrated the 150 year anniversary of the Rededication of St Mary's Church, Sturminster Marshall


In that year, as part of the celebrations, the Mackrell Charity initiated some work to identify and collect memorabilia mainly in the form  of photographs and documents. This material has now been fully catalogued and entered into a database which is accessible to all with a means of connecting to the Internet.


It is proposed to establish a Village and Family History forum to use that material which is now available, as a foundation to a process of extending its content. During the Summer of 2014 we will focus on using every opportunity of the Commemorative wartime events described elsewhere on this website, to capture more material relevant to the people of this village and the period.

Old School Class

Family History 


Closely linked to the Village History is the subject of our own family's experiences, as represented by our own family trees and the real-life experiences of our predecessors.


It is this interest in "genealogy" that the Charity would like to nurture under the watchful eye of the forum. We plan to develop a tutoring environment to help people undertake their own research into their own families. Through the auspices of the computer forum, this will include access to commercial online databases, censuses etc


A variety of approaches, including guest speakers, will be developed -some examples of which are built into the season of Commemorative wartime events.