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Film Society

A venture started in 2019 under the life-long learning auspice.

We have invested in suitable equipment to be able to project films to an audience of up to 80 people in the comfortable traditional environment of a rural cinema. During Covid restrictions the maximum has been 40.


Membership entitles the owner to a programme of six monthly screenings over the winter starting in October, the emphasis being on classic films with an aesthetic and cultural resonance.

Each screening will be preceded by a 5 minute talk explaining some of the context and background of the film's production and encouraging the audience to develop a critical awareness of this vibrant art form.

Short films may be added to the programme during the season.   There will be opportunity for a short debate after the screening for those wanting to take part.

Membership includes a tea/coffee at the beginning of the evening.

Entrance is strictly by membership card £25 paid for at the start of the season (due to film licensing we cannot sell tickets at the door)  but members can bring in one guest each per screening at a cost of £5 (as long as there are seats free).

Card payments can now be made on entry.

 For a membership form please email Adrian Holden.

 Telephone 01258 858884

PROGRAMME    2023-24:


Thursdays.  At 7.30pm


October 12th

                  “Dr Mabuse…the gambler”.                    1922                                                                   Fritz Lang


November 9th

                  “La Grande Illusion”                               1937                                                                 Jean Renoir


December 14th

                  “The Big Sleep”                                      1946                                                               Howard Hawks

January showing postponed due to power outage


February 8th

                  “La Dolce Vita”                                       1960                                                                Federico Fellini


March 14th

                  Sally’s ‘Musical’ Evening                        Topic TBA

April  11th.                                                                  1985


                                                    Terry Gilliam       

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